NOVA SalesPro Fact Sheet

Prospect Manager
  • Prospect Screen: Name, DBA, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, ZIP, Web Site, Cross Ref, Phone, Fax, Email, Commercial or Personal, Current Customer since, Producer, and User-defined fields for Prospect Type, Status, and Source.
Prospect Screen Tabs for:
  • Contacts:  Name, Salutation, Position, Phone, Fax, Cell, Email, Primary contact check box. Unlimited number of contacts per prospect.
  • Campaign:  All active campaigns displayed in “tree” form showing campaign names, strategies, and events. Completed campaigns, strategies and events are differentiated from uncompleted by color.
  • Profile:  Annual Payroll, Annual Sales, No. of Employees, Started date, Territory, Misc. 1, Misc. 2, Acquisition Cost, Projected Income, Primary SIC Code and description, Secondary SIC Code and description, Primary NAICS Code and description, Secondary NAICS Code and description.
  • Targets:  Line of business, Inception date, Expiration date, Current insurer with premium and estimated commission, Current Agency, Current Agent; and, if successful, Got Bus. check box, date, premium, commission and insurer.
  • History:  Chronological list of marketing activity on prospect.
  • Notes:  Date-stamped, free-from note field.
Sales Campaign Manager
  • Templates:  Create campaign templates to use in setting up campaigns. NOVA SalesPro comes with the following complete templates to get you up and running fast: cross-sell for auto, cross-sell for homeowners, new personal lines, & new commercial lines.
  • Create or modify campaign events (letters, efaxes, emails, and action messages to sales reps, managers, & telemarketers).
  • Organize events into strategies—Get in Touch, Quote Now, X-date Coming, and Stay in Touch—or create your own.
  • Import leads into NOVA using industry standard data formats: comma delimited, tab delimited, plus Omnis data transfer, and user-defined delimited.
  • Powerful, intuitive sort engine to identify and select prospects for campaigns.
  • Prospects can be included in multiple campaigns simultaneously; e.g., P&C and Life/Health.
  • Modify campaigns on the fly to adjust to changing market conditions.
Sales Process Automation
  • One-click processing. By automating hundreds of routine daily events, such as assigning tasks to producers, printing letters, etc. NOVA SalesPro does the work of a 20-person sales department. With NOVA, a 5-person (or 100-person) agency can go toe-to-toe with anyone!
  • Task window. Producers, managers, assistants, & telemarketers are presented with a task window that lists actions expected of them—current and past due. Click on a task to drill-down to the prospect window to complete the task; e.g., make a sales call.
  • Feed Rate.  NOVA SalesPro automatically “feeds” prospects to Producers based on individually set “feed” rates; AND, the prospect “feed” can be suspended when a producer is away from the office.
Working Environment
  • Client/Server or ASP (third-party application provider).
  • Windows 7, NT, 2000, & XP (not available on Win 95, 98 & ME) (Not available at this time for 64 bit versions of Windows and Office).
  • Program updates/upgrades provided on-line (just like updating popular anti-virus programs). Update process automatically updates all workstations.