Where do you want your company to be five years from now?

Take a minute to look back on where your company was five years ago and compare it to where you are today. Project forward five years and it's a pretty good indication of where you'll be in 2011.

Join us for a 30 minute web-cast

If you'd like to do better, join us for a 30 minute web-cast.  We'll show you how you can put NOVA SalesPro's automated marketing solutions to work to help you build your company.

  • Proven sales campaigns specifically designed for insurance agencies and ready to run.

  • One-click daily processing of all campaign events-letters, email, postcards, follow-ups, etc. NOVA puts the processing power of a 5 person marketing department on your network for less than the cost of a Grande Latte a day.

  • Powerful management tools to monitor sales campaigns and the performance of sales reps and telemarketers

  • Designed specifically for insurance agency by insurance agency owners -we know the insurance agency business and its marketing opportunities

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